Sunday, November 23, 2014

Final C4K summary

       Damien is 7 years old and in 3rd grade. His blogpost was the most recent of my C4K assignments. Damien's blog post was a google slide presentation he had created about an artist named Jo May. Jo May makes silk paintings. Her work is mostly nature scenes. She uses bright colors and produces beautiful pieces. His presentation presented a quality equal to the ones I have seen in class this semester and he is only 7. Damien also provided a link to Jo May's web page.I told Damien I enjoyed his post. I also added that he should send the artist a link to his page so she could see his interest in her work. Who knows, maybe she would send him a piece of her work?

      Malloryh's blog titled "Declaration of Independence - Class Mother", was very interesting. In this blogpost Malloryh, who is in middle school, is "declaring independence" from being class mother. She writes at length about the struggles she faces as being class mother. She then tells her fellow classmen how it sadens her when they say that "she isn't their real mothers". Malloryh then lets them know that when they are all in high school that she will never stop loving them. She follows up by quoting lyrics from an Eagles song. As an Eagles fan, this was the coolest thing I had seen since I started C4K assignments. She stated that "her heart was like, the Hotel California, once you are in her heart you can never leave". She showed a lot of emotion in her blog and it was well written. It is pobably the best one I have read all year. I told her how much I enjoyed reading her blog and that I was a huge Eagles fan. I also told her to keep writing, and that my middle school friends and I stayed friends all the way through high school.

     Yazmin's blogg was titled "Will You Rather" but I am sure the title is supposed to read "would you rather". I read her blog in late October when the halloween spirit was in the air. Her blog asked the question of "would you rather live in a small house, or a mansion with a ghost?". Most responses from her classmates stated they would live in the mansion and live with the unwanted house guest. I on the other hand begged to differ. My comment stated that I would most definitely live in the smaller house in exchange for a ghost free environment. I also made sure to tell Yazmin that she was doing a great job and to keep up the good work.

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