Thursday, August 21, 2014

Practice Blog Post

* Who am I?
* Where have I lived?
* Why am I at South Alabama?
* Personal Info
* My passions
* Why Education?
* What does being a teacher in the 21st century demand?

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog. As the title of this blog suggests, my name is Marcus Thomas and I am twenty six years old. I am a native of Mobile, Alabama and have lived here on the Gulf Coast for the entirety of my life. I graduated high school in 2006 from Mary G. Montgomery High School and started attending the University of South Alabama in 2011. I began as a respiratory therapy major; but soon changed to history/secondary education. I chose to attend the University of South Alabama so I could stay in the city that I love. I also chose to stay here because of the wonderful loving family and friends that call Mobile home as well. I am just your ordinary "Mobile boy" who loves being outdoors and on the water as much as possible. I enjoy activities such as kayaking, fishing, visiting historical sites, and just being lazy on Mobile Bay.
I am passionate about history. The ways of old has always been fascinating to me. I have always wanted to go back in time for one day just to see how things were before the industrial boom of the 19th and 20th centuries. I am also passionate about helping others. I guess that is why I decided to teach. I feel that by being a teacher; you are more than just an authoritative figure who reads to students and gives them assignments. As a teacher, you have the opportunity to change children and young adults lives by being supportive of them. I had two teachers in High School that were there for me during my parent's divorce. We have stayed in touch through the years and I have been lucky enough to have them as mentors during my time here in the education program. Hopefully I will be able to impact a student's life the way they impacted mine. When I stop to think about the responsibilities of a teacher in the twenty first century, it is a little overwhelming. Trying to keep up with the constantly changing technology and teaching methods must be a challenge. One benefit from this continuous change, however, is that I should never get bored with my job.

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