Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blog Post #6- What I have learned from the videos featuring Anthony Capps

Watching Dr.Strange and Anthony Capps' videos has shed some useful insight into PBL. Firstly I learned that projects are not only a means for students to show WHAT they have learned. Projects is PBL are used a tool in which to TEACH students. I also learned that when creating these projects, teachers make sure that the students learn the content necessary to complete the projects while doing them. This style of teaching also allows for a wide audience which in return; gives the students drive to complete their projects and show others what they have learned and created. Kids are also taking more pride in their work with PBL. These projects allow for students to breakaway from the traditional lecturing and worksheets.
pbl chart
Secondly, I learned about icurio and Discovery Ed. These are online search engines that are effective and kid appropriate. Icurio allows for students to save links, videos, and audio in which they can access again and again to utilize and reference and learning tools for a project or assignment. Discovery Ed gives kids great resources for social studies and science inquiries. Along with text, this website offers kids pictures, and videos that work as illustrations for the text. like Mr. Capps said, " A picture is worth a thousand words."
Lastly, I learned to "use tech and not teach it". In today's society it only makes sense to incorporate technology into the classroom. No matter what the economic status of a child, he or she has some type of technology readily available. I think the way Mr. Capps allows his third graders to reflect on what they have learned by creating an imovie is a great technique! I have personally witnessed my friend's two year old use a smartphone to get to youtube and choose cartoons for himself. If we don't use technology in the classroom then we are only making our own lives as educators more difficult.

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  1. "... which in return; gives the students…" Omit the semi-colon.
    Thoughtful. Interesting.