Sunday, September 14, 2014

What questions do we ask? How do we ask? Blog Post #4

When I first started this assignment, I was a little confused by the topic. Once I began to read and watch the material assigned for this assignment, however, it all became clear. As human beings we learn on a daily basis by asking questions. If no one ever asked questions I doubt we would be where we are as species. If you have ever been around a young child you know very well that questions are an essential part of human nature.
While I read and watched the materials given for this assignment I learned a lot of great ways to ensure that what I ask students and how I ask students are beneficial to both them and myself. I learned to think about and write out questions to ask my students rather than asking questions that pop in my head. By doing so, I now have a database of questions that I can use again and again and it also makes questions more clear and understandable for the students. I also learned that it is important to call on students at random rather than ask the entire class to answer questions. This ensures each child is thinking of an answer and the same three " over achievers" are not the only ones raising their hand and answering all of the questions. Another skill I have taken from our assigned material is to ask students another question once they have answered the first question to make sure they truly grasp the content. Also, allow the students time to think between asking the question and calling for someone to answer. If you do not allow them time to think, how can they truly answer the question? I am glad we had this assignment because I have never stopped to think about the "art" of how to ask questions within the classroom setting. I have now learned skills that will make me a better educator and that will hopefully benefit my students as well. 


  1. Marcus,

    Like you, I did not think much about the "art" of asking questions. As you mentioned at the beginning of your post, "As human beings we learn on a daily basis by asking questions. If no one ever asked questions I doubt we would be where we are as [a] species." If we as humans ask questions all the time, how hard could it be to ask our students questions?

    But we have to ask the right questions, and we have to know how to do that. Great job on outlining all the different tips on asking questions. I listed many of the same ones. I'm sure they will all be helpful to us as future teachers!

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