Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blog Post # 10:What can we learn from Mrs.Cassidy?

I really enjoyed her class video that she shared with us. I think the technique I liked the most was blogging within the classroom. It is also the favorite of her students as well. This allows the students to focus on what they enjoy and allows them to write freely about these interests. By allowing them to blog, it improves their spelling and also allows a way for parents to see their child's progress within the class. I think the biggest thing I would worry about if I chose to use blogging in my classroom would be protecting my student's identities. But Mrs. Cassidy provided multiple ways to do this. It is also important to protect what the children are viewing in the classroom as well. I would probably use a site blocker to keep the children safe from inappropriate material. I totally agree with Mrs. Cassidy's comment that not using technology is hindering both the students and teachers. Teachers of the 21st century have to be technologically literate and educated. Lets face it, technology is here to stay and really makes our lives so much easier. It is a very vital part of education and has changed the way children learn.


  1. Did you watch all of the videos? I suspect not. You certainly did not discuss them all.

  2. Hi Marcus! I also liked how Mrs. Cassidy used blogging with her students in the classroom. I see how this is helpful for the students and I am definitely going to use something like this when I have my own classroom. I enjoyed reading your post!