Sunday, October 12, 2014

C4T #2 Summary


I was assigned to Ken Hella's blog post which provided a TEDed video about the U.S. Constitution. As a history/secondary education major this was right up my alley. It touched base on some aspects about the people behind the Constitution we don't ordinarily consider. Some of these topics brought to light was the fact that each man was a land owner, well educated, and some were even slave holders. It also talked about how these men must have had great patience considering they met in mid summer and wore constricting, heavy attire at a time with no fans or air conditioning. It is a great video that I think would be interesting to share with my students one day. I commented on how the video brought to light these unusual facts that we never really think about. I also stated on how the video would be great to share in my classroom one day.

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