Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blog Post #How Do We All Become Learners?

technology in the classroom
Watching the provided videos allowed me to see that no matter how old or how young, no matter your title, we are all still learning on a day to day basis. This is one of the great things about PBL. By providing students with technology and technological resources, educators are now creating an entirely new realm of teaching/learning for their students. By implementing technology within the classroom; students have more resources to learn than ever before. This includes learning from other students and not solely from teachers. PBL allows for students to engage with one another and help each other out when faced with a difficult task. It also allows for teachers to learn from students as well. As the media coordinator for Gulf Shores Elementary pointed out, sometimes the students actually teach educators new skills. By using technology rather than teaching technology we allow a much broader spectrum of learning. Students can now read, watch, and write what they have learned all by using one App, program, or whatever their teacher implements within his or her lesson plan. I know that I personally was in the dark ages of educating until I began this class. The information provided to me this semester in EDU 310 has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that I can personally utilize when I am in the classroom. I know I have a lot more to learn but I am excited about utilizing so many of the skills, apps, programs Etc, that I have learned about these past few months. I am also excite to see the impact I can make on my students by using technology in my classroom.


  1. Marcus, I very much enjoyed reading your blog post for this week. I believe we have a very similar outlook on technology, and I was also "in the dark ages" until EDM 310 brought me to the realization that technology is growing in the classroom and with all the resources available we should take advantage. You may want to read over your blog once more to check for grammar mistakes, however, you did a great job explaining your thoughts on technology in the classroom.

  2. Hey Marcus, great post! EDM310 has also made me very excited for what teaching has in store for me. I have learned so much about the new technologies that are in classrooms today that I had no idea were being used!

  3. How many of the videos did you watch. From the evidence in your post I would say one - the last one.